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  Windward Instruments News and Information

News and informationis updated frequently, so please visit this area often. Newest information at the top of the page.

We are pleased to announce that is now an Authorized Dealer for WeatherHawk® products. WeatherHawk® products include a variety of handheld weather instruments suitable for any outdoor weather need - outdoor sports, boating, fishing, hunting, shooting - anytime you need weather information, we've got you covered!

These handheld weather instruments are available now in our store!

WeatherHawk® also offers wired and wireless professional grade weather stations for nearly any application. They feature remote access online or via your mobile device, and are great for anyone who needs to monitor weather remotely - want to know what the weather is like at your weekend cottage, jobsite, or boat - then look at WeatherHawk®.

We will be adding these weather stations in the coming days.

Your comments are always welcome!
The team

About WeatherHawk:
WeatherHawk®, a division of Campbell Scientific, Inc., is responsible for the sales and support of the WeatherHawk family of personal weather stations. WeatherHawk is used by schools, government agencies, agriculture, industry, homeowners, resorts, and consumers in a wide variety of applications.

For a limited time all models of Tidepieces Motion Tide Clocks are on sale at! These are the most unique tide clocks available. Each is hand assembled, and they make great gifts or additions to your seaside home or wheelhouse!
Shop today for the best prices of the season!

About Tidepieces:
Tidepieces motion tide clocks are one of the most unique and beautiful tide clocks to grace your home or boat! A precision tide movement is combined with a whimsical moving display that reflects your actual local tide conditions. Each hand built in beautiful Connecticut by artist Alan Winick. You can see the tide rise and fall in the picture

WINDWARDINSTRUMENTS RETAIL STORE BELLCLOCKS.COM - ANNOUNCING NEW PRODUCT LINE, BEY-BERK INTERNATIONAL: is happy to announce the addition of Bey Berk International products to our current brand line up. Bey Berk produces good quality instruments at very competitive pricing, and has some very unique offerings. Their products make great great gifts for any occasion, or as an addition to any wheelhouse, boat, or seaside home or getaway.

We are working to select and add the most popular products from Bey Berk to our store, so your patience is appreciated - there are a large number of items we're working with!

Special introductory pricing is in effect for a limited time - so shop now and save!

As always, your comments are welcome!

$.01 Shipping Sale is on now through 5/15/16 at! One Penny ships every ground order through 5/15/16 - shop now and save!

Cape Cod Wind and Weather Instruments are on sale with .01 Shipping at
Cape Cod features high quality at affordable prices, along with some of the best wind instruments you can purchase at any price, with a classic design. Sale ends soon - go shopping today and save!

Your comments are always welcome!

Don't miss $.01 shipping on all Tidepieces Tide Clocks during our 2016 Spring Sale! These unique tide clocks make perfect gifts, and carried all 33 models of Tidepieces Tide Clocks.

Most models available in Blue, Grey, Seafoam Green, or Mahogany frames - each is hand built.

Don't miss out - and as always, your comments are welcome!
The team.

About Tidepieces:
Tidepieces motion tide clocks are one of the most unique and beautiful tide clocks to grace your home or boat! A precision tide movement is combined with a whimsical moving display that reflects your actual local tide conditions. Each hand built in beautiful Connecticut by artist Alan Winick. You can see the tide rise and fall in the picture!

Effective April 1, 2016 will accept PayPal credit in addition to major credit cards and money order payments, to assist customers in making purchases. We invite you to visit, and click on the PayPal credit banner for more information on the offer. 
As always, your comments are welcome!

we have added several weather stations to the D&D Barometers section of our online store, and also reduced prices on nearly every instrument in the D&D line - perfect gifts for any occasion or for yourself, take advantage of our Spring Sale and get $.01 shipping on every order. For a limited time!

As always, your comments are always welcome - and Thanks again for your business!

We are continuing to add products to our new online store, and we appreciate your patience. With the recent migration to the new software, the lack of compatibility required that we manually migrate all products to the new store, so we appreciate your patience!

The current additions are the classic 3 instrument weather stations by D&D Barometers of Belgium. These stations are all priced below $200, and are of a classic design - featuring a thermometer, barometer, and hygrometer (humidity) on a mounting plate - and these are unique. Wood, stainless steel, sandblasted glass (pictured) and etched glass are some of the choices.

Shop now during our Spring Sale and get $.01 shipping on every order!

Thanks again - and as always, your comments are welcome!
The Team. 

WINDWARDINSTRUMENTS RETAIL STORE BELLCLOCKS.COM MILITARY CLOCKS CATEGOARY:, has a new category, "Military Clocks". Featuring only military clocks, which are perfect for veterans, military retirement gifts, promotions, or transfers. The goal is to group the military clocks in one are of the online store to make them easy to find and choose from.

We will add more Navy clocks, and Marine clocks along with other branches as quickly as we find them. There is a good selection in the category now, primarily Chelsea Clock products.

Shop now and enjoy $.01 shipping during our Spring Sale!

As always, your comments are welcome.

4/4/16: WINDWARDINSTRUMENTS RETAIL STORE BELLCLOCKS.COM UPDATE:, Windward Instruments online retail store, has developed a gift shopping by price range category. Gifts are divided under $200, and under $500 ($201-$500). There are gifts for graduation, wedding and anniversary, and military gifts for retirement, promotion, transfer available. Thanks again for your interest. As always comments are welcome.

Windward Instruments, owner/operator of is in the process of updating the main company information website We apologize for any inconvenience.

Windward Instruments has launched it's own brand of weather instruments, including a brass barometer and brass thermometer hygrometer. The instruments have been named the Dinghy collection and are an entry level, inexpensive set of weather instruments.

Featuring 3 3/4" dials, and 4 1/4" base, matching lacquered brasscases, and heavy shatter resistant plastic lenses for safety, theinstruments are available at priced under $50.00.

NEW PRODUCTS - KESTREL POCKET WEATHER METERS NOW AVAILABLE AT Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters are now available at just in time for the holidays. Visit

WINDWARD INSTRUMENTS WELCOMES BRUNTON BINOCULARS AT & Windward Instruments welcomes Brunton Binoculars to it's line up, starting at around $100. Purchases at feature Free U S shipping is included with every purchase. Models currently available include the popular Brunton Echo Binocular family - waterproof and fogproof, with lightweight frames, and ergonomic body armor, these are tough binoculars. Including echo compact binoculars, echo midsize binoculars, and echo full size binoculars. The echo is available in 8 power (such as 8x25 binos), or 10 power (such as 10x42 binos). Visit or

NEW CHELSEA EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM CLOCK AT NEW for Fall 2007 at The Chelsea Executive Boardroom Box Clock makes a perfect gift. The clock features a solid brass case on a gimbal style display frame, with accurate quartz movement. Enclosed in a mahogany stained hardwood box with brass corner accents for a true nautical look. The Chelsea Executive Boardroom Box Clock includes the engravable brass plate and screws for inside the lid to make a unique presentation piece. Introductory price includes Free Shipping to U S locations. Visit to order.

NEW CHELSEA MAYFAIR CLOCK AT NEW for Fall 2007 at The Chelsea Mayfair Clock is a reproduction of a popular Chelsea Art Deco clock circa 1932. The Chelsea Mayfair is constructed from solid brass, with heavy nickel plate and brass finish. Updated with an accurate quartz movement, the Chelsea Mayfair makes a perfect gift idea. Introductory pricing includes Free Shipping to U S locations. Visit to order.

CHELSEA PRESIDENTIAL CLOCK AT is featuring the Presidential by Chelsea Clock at only $339.00, with Free Shipping to U S locations. The Chelsea Presidential Clock features a forged brass case with screw on bezel. Mahogany Base (mantle mount) is included. An excellent gift idea at a great price. The contrast of polished brass and mahogany lend a touch the sea to this important piece. Quartz movement, battery included. Visit today to order

ABBEON C 300 DIGITAL HANDHELD BAROMETER ON SALE AT The Abbeon C300 Digital Handheld Barometer is on sale at Our lowest price of the year includes free U S shipping. Made by Lufft, this digital barometer provides quality and accuracy at an affordable price. A large illuminated display, values are indicated by four .5” digits – hPA, Pa, mbar, bar, inHg, psi. Unique thumb wheel operation allows full selection of features. Automatic shut off, and integrated real time clock (date/time). Visit

NEW PRODUCT - ashortwalk 3 INSTRUMENT INDOOR WEATHER STATION AT NEW Product - the 3 instrument indoor weather station by ashortwalk, available now at The Windward Store for only $89.99 with Free Standard U S Shipping. Product details: The ashortwalk Indoor Weather Station, Black, combines a Tide Clock, Barometer and Conventional clock to form a most unique set of indoor weather instruments for UNDER $100.00. Displays High Tide, Low Tide, Atmospheric Pressure, and the Time of Day which are all essential for coastal living. Construction and appearance of the indoor weather station are also unique. Mounted on a solid aluminium base, the instruments are protected with a tough clear polycarbonate shroud. The result is a low profile contemporary appearance matching any decor. Available in aluminum or black. FEATURES: Dimensions: 11.8" H x 5.9" W - Accurate Quartz Movements in Clock and Tide Clock - Barometer Range 970 - 1050 Mb, in 2Mb increments - Outer Red Dot "guide" for barometer to track pressure changes. NOTE: BAROMETER DISPLAYS IN hPa (Millibar) ONLY.

CHELSEA CONSTITUTION CLOCK ON SALE AT Priced at only $282.75 with Free U S Shipping, the Chelsea Constitution Clock features a heavy solid forged brass case with brass ball feet, and is a very popular gift item. The Chelsea Constitution Clock is fitted with a screw on bezel, and contains an accurate quartz movement for years of reliable service. The Constitution is a true nautical clock, carved from a solid block of forged brass. Battery included. Two Year Warranty. Visit www.windwardstore.coM

Abbeon 3005.22 Certified Thermometer on sale at The Certified Abbeon 3005.22 C/F Thermometer is on sale at for only $120.00. Pricing includes free standard shipping, and Certificate. Visit or call 800-210-0492 to order today. About the 3005.22: The Abbeon 3005.22 Thermometer by Lufft is a Certified accurate thermometer, Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature indicator, indicating the temperature in a range of -30 to 130° Fahrenheit, and -35 to 55° Celsius. This precision Thermometer will provide years of trouble free service. FEATURES: 6" Polished Brass Case - 5" Color Differentiated Dial - Measuring Range -30° to 130°F, -35° to 55°C - Dial Graduation: 5° F, 2° C. TEST CERTIFICATE INCLUDED. Tested and Certified by Abbeon Cal Inc. under ISO 9001 controls to NIST Standards. 1 Year Limited Warranty. Normally ships in 1-3 business days. MSRP: $136.00.

Windward Instruments opened the Windward Instruments Store on 7/5/07. Please read our PRESS RELEASE.

Windward Instruments is launching a storefront, allowing customers to buy Chelsea Clock, Abbeon, and Ocean Clocks products directly from the company website.

The store will be accessible from the main page of Windward Instrumentsvia the main menu, as well as several links

The storefront will feature secure check for credit card, Pay Pal, and direct mail (check and money order) customers.

Windward Instruments is sponsoring the Open Internet Coalition.

Read the full Press Release HERE.

About the Coalition:

The Internet has been the most successful platform for economic growth, innovation and discovery in our nation’s history. The Open Internet Coalition represents consumers, grassroots organizations, and businesses working in pursuit of a shared goal: keeping the Internet fast, open and accessible to all Americans.

Our coalition speaks for tens of millions of Americans and spans the entire political spectrum. We stand together for protecting an open Internet where everyone can access what they want when they want. In Washington and state capitals across the country we’re working for policies like network neutrality and universal access to high-speed Internet connections that will benefit all of us, not just the large phone and cable companies who sell connections to the Internet.

6/15/07: WINDWARDINSTRUMENTS JOINS THE ORA: Windward Instruments is now a supporting member of the Online Retailing Alliance(ORA). The ORA is part of the Electronic Retailers Association (ERA)which is focused on legislative issues facing merchants who marketdirectly via TV, Radio, and the Internet. All Windward Instrumentsproperties, including support the ORA.

Windward Instruments agrees with the core belief of the ORA,which is the belief that customers who use the internet to makepurchases of products maintain free and open access to ALL merchants.Further, the ORA fully supports the open internet project, to protectinternet users from the so-called "email tax" or fee, which would seecharges for every email sent.

ORA activities are aimed at protecting online and  directmerchants from government and telecommunications companyinterests. These interests seek to limit customer access to onlycompanies willing to pay for customers, thus eliminating smallerbusinesses without the financial means to compete. This would see ahandful of companies dictating pricing on nearly every productcurrently available online, doing away with customer choice, or bestpricing.

Government interests, specifically the Governors Association, haspressured Congress for years to force online retailers to collect salestax for every individual tax district in the U S. This would mean thatevery customer purchase online would be subject to that customer'ssales tax, be it state or local. Obviously this would increase pricingto customers who currently enjoy savings by purchasing online, if theirlocal municipality requires tax.

Please follow the link above for more information on the ORA's activities.

WindwardInstruments retail division,, is reducing prices on mostWeems and Plath instruments, effective this week. In addition,customers will receive free shipping on most reduced instruments.

Atlantis Ships Bell Clocks, Quartz Clocks, Barometers, and all Atlantis Brass and Chrome instruments will be reduced.

Martinique Instruments including Ships Bell Clocks, Barometers, Quartz Clocks, and Flag Clocks will also be reduced.

The popular civilian M24 binoculars, model BN29 will also see a majorprice reduction, along with navigational sextants, and the Tamayanavigation computer system.

Den Haan Lamps will also be reduced.

Please visit to order, or contact us at 800-210-0492 for details.

Incompliance with our customer service policy, Windward Instruments isannouncing a forthcoming price adjustment which will impact our Weemsand Plath customers.

EffectiveMay 15, 2007 Weems and Plath, manufacturer of a popular instrumentline, will establish a MAP (minimum advertised price) policy. Allfactory authorized dealers will be required to adjust pricing of allWeems and Plath instruments to be in compliance with this policy., the retail division of Windward Instruments, willchange pricing effective May 15, 2007 to be in compliance with MAPpolicy.

The pricing adjustment will affect all Weems and Plath products,including Ship's Bell Clocks, Quartz Clocks, Barometers, and Navigationinstruments.

In addition to the price adjustment, several Weems and Plath productswill be discontinued by, as we simply can not justifythe higher price to our customers, based upon quality and comparablesreadily available in the market.

Some of the products being discontinued include the entire Eastport andWestport collections, all chart weights, and the 4000 electronic marinebarometer. will also discontinue sales of Weems and Plath OrionShip's Bell, and Ship's Wheel Bell clock models due to serious qualityissues with those models.

WindwardInstruments, and will continue to provide service to allcustomers who have purchased any of the discontinued items.

We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers. These changes arebeyond our control, and are needed to provide the best possible serviceto our customers.

We are happy to answer any questions regarding these changes. Pleasevisit, or call 800-210-0492 for more information.

WindwardInstruments has discontinued clock repair and restorative serviceseffective immediately. We apologize for any inconvenience.

WindwardInstruments will introduce Lufft and Abbeon weather instruments tocustomers in late February, 2007. The company will offer the productsfor sale at its online retail store,

The Lufft instruments line will include analog barometers, hygrometers,certified hygrometers, and thermometers. Hygrometer/Thermometers.

In addition to analog instruments, Windward will offer specializedweather instruments, such as the recording Thermohygrograph, andportable certified absolute barometers.

Lufft digital weather instruments will also be available.

Numerous case designs and dial colors compliment the analog instrumentline, with styles from contemporary to traditional brass.

Pricing for the Lufft analog instruments will typically range fromaround $100.00 to around $180.00, with free or low fixed shippingincluded.
Please contact us for more information.

Wehave extended special pricing through 12/31/06 at our BellClocks AfterChristmas Sale. will also provide free expedited shipment on our bestselling imported products including all Ocean Clocks and Shapelinstruments, and Tidemaster UK Tide and Navigational Chronographs.

WindwardInstruments and business office will be closed from6:00PM CST Friday, 12/22/06 - 9:00AM CST Tuesday, 1/2/07 in celebrationof Christmas and New Years holidays. Wewill continue to receive orders during this period - however,shippingand servicing of orders placed during this period will not commenceuntil 1/2/07.

We would like to Thank all of our customers for making 2006 a wonderfulyear, and wish you all a Merry Christmas, and prosperous and healthy2007.

BellClocks.comis providing customers free upgraded shipping on all Ocean Clocks andShapel orders through 12/31/06. The shipping upgrade will reduce thedelivery time by 50%, providing more reliable service for thosecustomers requiring delivery by Christmas.
The free shipping upgrade applies to all Ocean Clocks Tide Time, and 24Hour Clock orders, and Shapel Moonphase Tide Time, Tide Time, and Tideclock orders.

BellClocks.comhas launched two new clocks from Shapel,maker of the popular Moonphase Tide Time clocks. Introductory salepricing accompanies the launch.

The new models include a tide time model, and a tideonly model, for those customers who prefer no moon display. Bothfeature the same large size dial (8.5") as the moonphase tide time, andcome ready for wall mounting with a selection of New Zealand Pine, orBlue MDF Wood plaques.

WeatherInstruments by Maximum Weatherare on sale now at

Christmassale pricing is applied to selected wireless weather stations,barometers, wind speed and direction anemometers, and combinationweather instruments.

Please visit and save on these high quality weatherinstruments while supplies last

Thepricing applies to all tide time clocks and 24 hour clocks, which areoffered in several sizes, and in 2 latch brass porthole and singlelatch brass porthole cases. The chrome porthole clock models are alsoincluded

Weare announcing a D&D BarometerSale,underway now at The sale features special pricing onD&D instruments while supplies last. Past sales have produced quicksell-outs, so please shop early and don't miss one of the most uniquegift items of the year.

D&D produces some of the highestquality instruments available, at an attractive price, and in uniquecombinations. From the eco celli,torricelli style, mercury free glass barometers - to their tendencybarometers, and unique weather stations and instruments, includingthe ship's hullweather station.Some combinations include barometer/thermometer/hygrometer, and onemodel features a barometer/thermometer/hygrometer AND stormglasscombination all in one presentation quality instruments.

We havereceived numerous comments from customers, all positive, about thequality and packaging of the D&D instruments. We received onecustomer comments in which we were challenged at selling them "socheap".

Please contact us with any comments orquestions.

Wehave included the comments of a Ross Tendency Barometer by D&Dbelow - this is typical of the comments we receive from customers:

(email courtesy Jack R - MA.)

The Ross TendencyBarometer arrived this past Tuesday, and it's splendid.
It'severything I hoped it would be, and then some. The wooden case is on apar with the best cabinetry, and finished perfectly in a deep, warm,glossy mahogany. The curved glass window is flawless; the red and bluetubes are masterpieces of the glassblower's art; and the back panel isbeautifully lithographed in a way that looks old without looking fakeor "cheap."
Theworkmanship, in all respects, couldn't be better, and, amazingly forsomething so fragile, it arrived in perfect condition, with no damage;it was packed very carefully. It's unusual for a product to look asgood as its picture in a catalog or on a web site, but this oneactually looks better.
This is a piece that I'llbe proud to hang on my wall, as anyone would. I couldn't be morepleased.
Thanks for offering thismarvelous, and unique, instrument, and at such a remarkable price. It'sbeautiful, and a great value.
I couldn't be morepleased.

Welcometo Volume 3, our last installment of BellClocks Christmas ShoppingOnline. This volume will focus on "too good to be true" and onlinesecurity.

Please review the first 2 Volumes, as they work hand in hand with theinformation we'll present today to help keep you safer while shoppingonline.

Every year the number of online shoppers increases, and the money spentincreases exponentially. The vast majority of shoppers use credit ordebit cards to make purchases, over 90%, and the majority of merchantsdon't accept checks or mailed payments. Most credit card companiesoffer some form of protection against fraudlent charges, so oursuggestions will focus on common sense ways to protect yourself evenmore.

1. "Too good to be true" deals are usually just that. Chances are notlikely that you will find a $1,000 item for $9.95 with free shipping -but you'll see "deals" like this advertised all over the web. Simplyput, we recommend ignoring these "offers". These cons are normallydesigned to collect information via an order form or similarinstrument, many times including credit card information, and theresult is never good.

2. Phishing/fake websites: These are websites that are designed tocollect personal information through a number of scams. Many aredesigned to appear like an online store. We suggest that you look forbusiness information as described in Volume 1. Unless you arecomfortable with the site, don't fill out any forms at the site.

3. You can take an additional step in verification by verifyingbusiness information with the State they are located in. Nearly everyState requires retail merchants to complete a licensing procedure, andmany States now provide that information via a State website. This isan invaluable resource to shoppers that is not utilized often enough.

4. Many online shoppers are beginning to use the new Internet Explorer7 browser which features a "phishing" filter built in. There areseveral problems being reported with this filter, genuine sites arebeing identified as "phishing" sites - while phishing sites are notalways being identified as a threat. The best way to know, is to verifyinformation yourself - and with the tools we've mentioned, this can bedone with little effort.

5. Looking for "secure" areas where you input your credit cardinformation.

Most browsers has some indication of a secure connection. Most have apicture of some kind
(a padlock, safe, etc.) and/or the colors yellow or red (the addressbar on your browser will feature a
color to indicate a secure connection). When you have done yourshopping, and are checking out with the perfect Christmas present, youshould see some indication of secure connection when you get to thecredit card input area.

In simple terms, a secure connection encrypts (scrambles) anyinformation you give - much like "codes"
used by the military. It's done electronically, is then "decoded" bysoftware. Encryption makes collection of your information verydifficult, as the "scrambling" effect would make information appear asrandom text until properly decoded.

We hope hope the information we've provided is helpful in giving ideason ways to be more secure while shopping online. We invite you to checkout our retail site,, for examples of some of the itemswe've mentioned.

Welcometo Volume 2 of BellClocks Christmas shopping online. This volume willfocus on policy and service issues. These are especially important ifyou are shopping online for Christmas gifts and need delivery prior tothe big day.

Remember to arm yourself with the information discussed in Volume 1first, then move into this information.

Customer Service

As you shop online you will notice that nearly every business websiteboasts of excellent customer service. Since the only meaningfuljudgement of excellent service is the individual customer, we have somesuggestions of easy ways to test these service statements.

1. Send an email or customer service request through the site. This maygive you an idea of what to expect. No business is perfect, so bepatient but expect a reply. If you're wondering what to say or ask inthis message, honestly tell them you are testing their service.

2. Another test could be to contact them by phone. Again, be patientbut expect a reply. Many businesses (including BellClocks) utilizevoicemail to offer a call back service if you leave yourinformation. 

Again, we stress some patience this time of year. Nearly every businessgets busy during the holiday shopping season. Patience means allowing alittle extra time - not weeks. As you receive replies, you canaccurately judge for yourself if the service is acceptable. If not,shop elsewhere.

Business Policies

A business policy is any policy under which a business operates. Theseinclude terms of sale, return policies, refunds and exchanges,guarantees, price match, and others. Policy statements are veryimportant to shoppers, as they may obligate a customer to certainconditions, much like a contract.

Like contact information we discussed in volume 1, this informationshould be located in an easy to find location on any online shoppingwebsite, and we strongly recommend a thorough review of posted policiesprior to making any purchase. A couple of tips:

1. We would advise shoppers to beware of any shopping site with nopublished policies.
2. Business policies should be specific to the company you are going todo business with.

To explain policies "specific to the company" - if you are shopping ata site any policy statement should be specific to that site, not astatement that says customers are covered under the policy of a thirdparty or the website host.

As an example, has policies posted here: and they are accessible fromvarious areas of our site. These policies apply directly 

In closing Volume 2 of our Christmas online shopping tips, we wouldlike to again point out that most businesses of which we are aware arehonest in their dealings with shoppers and customers, and are committedto customer service.

We invite you to our last installment, Volume 3 which will be publishedon Monday 10/30/06, which will deal with "too good to be true" andsecure webpages.

Asthe Christmas shopping season begins, and shoppers search the web forChristmas and holiday presents, questions of online shopping securitybecome important. It is estimated that online shoppers will spend arecord amount in online purchases this year, in the Billions ofdollars.

With this in mind, is going to post some tips over thenext few days, to help make online shopping safer for everyone. Thesetips are not specific to Christmas shopping online, they apply toonline shopping throughout the year.  

Our first tip will focus on basic credibility of online businesses, andsome simple ways shoppers can help protect themselves.

Online shopping online tip Number 1:

Before shopping online at any website, always ask yourself: "Is this areal business?". You can usually answer the question easily and quicklyby following these simple tips:

1. Look for the business information, including an address, and phonenumber. This information is usually
located on the main page (at the very least), normally at the top orbottom of the page. Also check for any "contact us" or "about us" orsimilar pages, which may contain contact information. These areas of awebsite are normally accessible via tabs, buttons, or text linkslocated on the main or welcome page.

Most businesses want to be sure their customers are able to contactthem in the event of any issues with the product or service, as this isthe basic foundation of customer service. This allows the businesses torespond to any issue, and fosters communication with shoppers. It alsohelps protect businesses and customers from fraud and scams.

We strongly recommend shoppers beware of any site which offers contactby "email only", or does not publish contact information includingaddress and phone number.

As one example of acceptable disclosure of business contactinformation, maintains contact information in easy tofind locations throughout our site, including our welcome (main) page.Have a look at:

One other thing which bears mentioning - U. S. shoppers should becareful when shopping at any site owned by a foreign company. We do notsuggest that foreign companies are dishonest. We merely point out thatmost online purchases are bound by the laws at the "point of sale",normally that means the country in which the business is located. Whilecredit cards provide some measure of protection, serious disputesrequiring legal action could be under the jurisdiction of a foreigncourt.

In closing Volume 1 of our Christmas online shopping tips, we wouldlike to point out that most businesses of which we are aware are honestin their dealings with shoppers and customers, and are committed tocustomer service. We also state that none of this is to be consideredlegal advise in any way.

Watch for Volume 2 tomorrow, which will discuss policies and serviceissues.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

WindwardInstrumentswill conduct server maintenance maintenance on Friday, 9/29/06between 11:00 P.M. to 1:00 A.M. Saturday, 9/30/06 CST. During thistime, and will be inaccessible forbrief periods of time, with total downtime not expected to exceed 10minutes. We appreciate your patience.s

9/8/06: WINDWARDTO LAUNCH "MARITIME 24" 9/15/06: Windward Instrumentswill launch the “Maritime 24” 24 Hour Nautical Clock onSeptember 15, 2006, making it available to customers through

Customers desiring to place direct credit cardorders may do so toll-free at: 1-800-210-0492.

Manufactured by Ocean Clocks,the“Maritime 24” is a high quality 24 hour clock, whichcombines uniquedesign, and maritime tradition, to create a timepiece that is bothcolorful, and useful.

The“Maritime 24” dial incorporates full color signal flags,enlarged andcircled Arabic numerals, and “diamond” register indicators,to denotetraditional “Relieve the Watch” at 00, 04, 08, 12, 16, and20.

Hours,minutes, seconds, and 5 second/minute increments are also registered.Traditional “peach” hour and minute hands, and a“stepping” red secondhand complete the dial, which is housed behind a thick beveled glasscrystal.

The“Maritime 24” features casework of uncommon quality, and isavailablein a selection of traditional heavy, highly polished and lacqueredbrass cases. A chrome plated brass case is also available. All casesutilize traditional marine fittings, with machined back.

Thequartz 24 hour movement is accurate to approximately (+/-) 15 secondsper month, and is powered by a “AA” battery, with anaverage batterylife of 18-24 months.

Backedby one of the best warranties available (Full 5 Year Limited Warranty),the “Maritime 24” 24 Hour Nautical Clock will be ( toll-free 800-210-0492.

 9/7/06: SYSTEMMAINTENANCE NOTICE: WindwardInstrumentswill conduct server maintenance maintenance on Friday, 9/15/06between 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. CST. During this time, and will be inaccessible forbrief periods of time, with total downtime not expected to exceed 15minutes. We appreciate your patience.s

 WINDWARDINSTRUMENTS OPINION -The "New" Chelsea Clock Company: 
ByMike Ratican, Business Director.

In mid 2005, the Chelsea Clock Company was purchased by J K Nicholas.Many in the industry were not familiar with Mr. Nicholas, and wereworried that the Company had been purchased by an investor with nointerest in the Chelsea Clock history, or heritage - simply wanting toturn out clocks by the thousands to make big money. I think may of usexpected this, as the previous owner (who shall remain nameless) milkedChelsea Clock for everything he could without reinvesting in thecompany - a recipe for disaster with any company.

Being unfamiliar with Mr. Nicholas or his plans for the company, so Idid something very unusual in today's world - I decided to CALLhim...Yes, on a regular phone, no texting, no VOIP, no messenger, justa simple "old fashioned" phone call. It worked just fine! I wasimpressed with J K's grasp of the company history, and his positiveattitude toward the numerous changes in front of him.

For anyone worried about the future of Chelsea Clock, or that J K is aninvestor looking only at the bottom line, I can honestly say: don't be.Like any businessman J K is certainly concerned with turning a healthyprofit, but his focus is on the Company, it's heritage, and re-buildingboth facilities and brand awareness in order to attain increasedreturn. Most importantly, J K has no interest in "outsourcing"Chelsea's production or material to Asia, Mexico, or other cheap laborand parts markets.

He's off to a great start. Mr. Nicholas has already invested a majoramount of time and money into maintenance and upgrades to the "oldbuilding" on Everett Avenue in Chelsea, MA., with some much neededattention. In addition to material upgrades, R&D and marketingarecoming up to speed, with stock on the shelves, and new models rumoredto be under development for release in the near future, and beyond.

I'm looking to the future with optimism, and look forward to witnessingthe return of a re-vitalized Chelsea Clock, America's last greatclockbuilder.

OnJuly 3 Windward Instruments announced it was considering GoogleCheckout as an additional payment method for it's retail customers

Today Windward Instruments announced it has rejected the GoogleCheckout system in it's current form, apologizing for any inconvenience.

In a statement, Windward Instruments who owns and, said that Google Checkout was unfit for use bymerchants or customers.

Citing several issues, Mike Ratican, Business Director for WindwardInstruments, balked at the numerous blogs and reviewers who havelabelled Google Checkout as a "PayPal killer".

"It's anything but a PayPal killer" said Ratican. "Google's inabilityto process international payments, purchase limits placed on somecustomers, and a "payout" limit Google has imposed on most merchants,are truly ridiculous". He continued: "It is entirely possible thatGoogle Checkout will cause many more problems for shoppers than it willsolve".

In addition to service issues, Windward Instruments was concerned atGoogle's inability to answer some basic security questions in regardsto it's service, beyond providing a copy of their published FAQ.

 WindwardInstruments is considering the addition of Google Check Out for it'sonline retail store (

Windward Instruments is soliciting input from both customers, and otherretail merchants, on the viability of Google Check Out, pro or con.Please click on contact us to send your opinion or comments.

WindwardInstrumentswill conduct system maintenance and server upgrades on bellclocks.comand resulting in approx. 30 minutes of downtimebetween 11:00 PM - 3:00 AM EST on Saturday, 2/4/06. Weapologizefor any inconvenience.

WindwardInstruments has announced major product realignment at its retaildivision, Effective January 1,2006 will discontinue allLaCrosse Technology products, severing its dealership agreement withthatcompany. Also discontinued will be Robert E White, and WEMPE products.

Product lines from Davis Marine, Davis Weather, JDC USA,and WeatherHawk will be addedunder established dealership agreements. Additional dealershipagreements withDowneaster, Extech, Hanseatic, and YES Watch, are currently beingnegotiated. will launch Windward Instruments, the new clock linebeingproduced by its parent company, during early 2006. This new line willincludehand assembled 24 hour wall clocks, and weather instruments, featuringa longterm warranty, and modest pricing. Production is set to begin duringearly2006, with availability to be announced.

In a press release, Mike Ratican, Business Director for WindwardInstruments,explained the actions. “This realignment adds qualityproductsthat ourcustomers have asked for, while maintaining our standards of serviceandquality”. “We’re particularly excitedabout WindwardInstruments, which willprovide good quality instruments at a low price.” "Weapologizefor any inconvenience this move causes our customers".

According to the release by Windward Instruments, Robert E WhiteInstrumentswere discontinued due to low demand, and slowing sales, while WEMPE wasaxeddue to quality issues. The decision to drop LaCrosse products was dueto seriouslong term problems within LaCrosse management, as well as recentproductissues. According to Windward, “LaCrosse no longer meets ourstandards ofservice, support or quality for our customers”.

WindwardInstruments will offer Gift Certificates through it's retail division, Formoreinformation, read our pressrelease, or visit the GiftCertificatePage for more information.

WindwardInstrumentswill conduct system maintenance and server upgrades on bellclocks.comand between approx 11:00 PM - 3:00 AM EST onthe following dates:

9/17/05, 9/23/05, and one night between 10/1/05 and 10/7/05.

During these periods, our sites may be unaccessible. Weappreciateyour patience, and apologize for any inconvenience.

Wehave made changes to our BellClocks return and businesspolicies,which  are effective immediately. Please read these changesandcontact us with any questions.

BellClockshasdiscontinued several products from LaCrosse Technology. We apologizefor any inconvenience. 

7/30/05:BELLCLOCKS LAUNCHESNEW INSTRUMENT LINES:  BellClocksisadding exciting, new products for our customers. BellClocks(Windward Instruments) has been appointed as an Authorized Dealer forashortwalk, and Nassau Weather Instruments. Both product lines will belaunched effective immediately. 
ashortwalkinstruments is importedfrom the UK, where their unique tide and time clocksenjoy wideappeal. 

NassauWeather Instruments wereformerly Danforth Instruments, nowmanufactured under the Nassau name since 1996, by Outdoor EnvironmentsLLC. The instrumentswere used extensively by the U.S.Navy, CoastGuard,Airports, and for commercial marine applications, as well as in homesand schools. Many Danforth instruments are still in use today worldwide.

7/1/05:NEW WEEMS & PLATHINSTRUMENTS:  Weems & Plathisintroducing a new, moderate priced collection of NauticalPortholestyle instruments. Every quality instrument in this collection is pricedbetween$59.99, and $99.99,and we anticipatea quick sell-out. BellClocksisaccepting pre-orders now - limited quantity available. Shippingshould commence in September/October, in plenty of time for theholidays.

6/5/05: CHELSEAPRICING AND SHIPPING CHANGES: BellClocks has made asignificant price reduction to our Chelsea Clock line, in order toprovide the best pricing possible to our customers. In addion, allChelsea Clock prices include FREE shipping.

6/5/05: SITEUPGRADES: We've completedsite upgrades to deliver a new look and feel to BellClocks. Afterseveral months in the planning stages, and following some great inputfromour customers, some of our upgrades include: easier navigation bycategory viaour left menu. Addition of a customer Thank You area, which featurespictures submitted by recent customers with their new BellClocks itemsin use. A customer favorites area, which features some of the mostpopular  customer selections, with links to the items,and our pricing clearly marked.

Additional upgradesin the near future will include a "customersupport board", a "clock buying guide", and "clock terms" areas, tofurther assist you in making your selection. We anticipate theseupgrades to be completed during June/July 05.

6/5/05: POLICYUPDATES: hasmadesome great changes, and established 3newpolicies - "SatisfactionGuarantee", "PrivacyPledge", and "ShippingAssurance".We've alsoupdatedseveral other policies on our policies page. We will be adjustingshipping charges to comply with our new policy for the next few weeks,and hope to have completion by the end of June. We appreciate yourpatience as we make BellClocks the best place to shop online!

5/1/05: Receivea rebate of up to 20% on the purchase of anynew Chelsea - by simply participating in our Chelsea Clock Trade UpProgram. Onlyat BellClocks! (Detailshere )

5/1 /05WelcomeDiner's ClubCard Members! - Foryourconvenience, we now acceptthe Diner's ClubCard.

Past news articlesand announcements:

(PRWEB) May 26, 2005-- The ChelseaClock Company has designated as an Authorized Agent ofthe Chelsea Clock Repair Center. Effective immediately,,and its parent Windward Instruments, will offer expert clock repair,cleaning, and restorative services, which will be performed by theClockmakers at the Chelsea Clock Company.

“We’rehonored tobe a part of the Chelsea Clock Repair program” said MikeRatican,Business Director at Windward Instruments. “We receive dozensofrequests for clock service every year. Our designation allows us tooffer our customers access to the best clockmakers in theworld.”Ratican said. “In the high art of clock restoration andrepair,there’s nothing finer than the Chelsea ClockCompany.”

Windward willoffer repairservices through its retail website (, company website (, and toll-freecustomer line(1-800-210-0492). Service isavailable for Chelsea Clock, as well as most other clock makes, withturn-around times typically running 3-10 weeks dependent upon volume.All service is rendered in the order received.

For more information,pleasecontact Windward Instruments or

(PRWEB)January 27, 2005 -- Theexpansion is necessary to satisfy high customer demand for weatherproducts over the past two years.

"Our new divisionwill focusprimarily on high quality, commercial grade weather stations, andinstruments" said Windward's Business Director. "We will focus onhelping the customer build a "custom" station tailored to theirindividual requirements. Unlike existing retailers, Windward Weatherwill specialize in products for customers who rely on weatherinformation, and require better than average quality, such as theserious hobbiest, weather spotters, storm chasers, and weatherprofessionals."

Windward willoffer a varietyof high quality weather stations and instruments such as Kestrel,Maximum Weather, Weather Hawk, LaCrosse Technology, and Chelsea Clock.Full accessory instrument and sensor packages will be available formodels offering optional anemometers, barometers, hygrometers, winddirection, and several other sensors for more specialized applications.Weather software packages are also planned.

WindwardInstruments willupdate customers regarding live date of it's new weather divisionwebsite via it's 2 existing websites, and

About WindwardInstruments
Established in1999 as a parttime retail venture, Windward Instruments has become one of the largestfamily owned retail and wholesale instrument distributors in the UnitedStates.

Windward has soldthousands ofproducts to customers around the world. It's websites receive millionsof hits each year from customers in over 100 countries.

For moreinformation, contactWindward Instruments by email: e-mail protected from spam bots or byphone 1-800-210-0492, or visit or

(PRWEB) May 21, 2004-- WindwardInstruments will partner with Navy Veterans groups, and Navy ShipAssociations, and Ocean Clocks, to develop “shipspecific”commemorative clocks, the company announced on May 15.

Windward’s Co-Owner,Trudi Ratican, confirmed that the company is currently involved inpre-release development. “The commemorative clocks will be aheavy brass porthole design, and quite unique” Ratican said."They would be perfect fund raising additions to ship's stores, giftshops, or reunion raffles".

Details will be released uponcompletion of each model, including availability, and pricing, via thecompany website at Windward will also assistVeteran’s groups in the sale of these instruments viae-commerce,through it’s retail division, www.bellclocks.comand it’s toll free order line, witha portion of the proceeds being donated to each group.

A veteran owned and operatedcompany, Windward is committed to providing veterans the quality theydeserve, and the most unique clock available - while maximizing theamount donated to their group.

Interested veterans are invitedto contact their Group, or Windward Instruments directly at1-800-210-0492.

(PRWEB) April 22, 2004-- WindwardInstruments announced on 4/20/04, that retail dealer solicitation isunderway for the Ocean Clocks Tide Clock and Instrument line. The goalof the dealer solicitation is to establish a U. S. based retailnetwork, for distribution of the Ocean Clocks lines to retail customers.

“OceanClocks is focusedon quality, with the owner personally involved in the assembly of eachinstrument - they are not focused on mass production. This limitsproduction quantity to around 10 instruments per day. Dealers maycontact us by phone, or email, to receive furtherinformation”according to Mike Ratican, co-owner of Windward Instruments.“Thegoal is to establish a select network of retailers, not over saturatethe market”.

“We arealso developing aspecialty program, catering to military, veterans groups, cruise lines,and museums” Ratican said.

Ocean Clocks TideInstrumentsare currently available through Windward’s retail division,

(PRWEB) April 5, 2004--BellClocks.comwill replace Timepieces by The Auction Block effective immediately.

Windward Instruments, owner & operator of both sites, announcedthemove in early February, allowing it's existing customer base to makecomments on what changes they would like to see at the new site.
"The move will allow to expand it's current marine andnautical product lines, while continuing to focus on customer service"according to the owners.Expansion during 2004 will include marine andboating accessories, such as navigational equipment, marine electrics,cabin hardware and lighting, and marine clothing. added the rather exclusive Ocean-Clocks line of tideclocks in March, with the additions of Maximum weather instruments, andClipper navigational instruments currently underway. The company willcontinue to offer 24 hour customer service phone and email support onit's current products, including the popular ships bell clocks fromWeems & Plath, and Chelsea Clock.

(PRWEB)March 31, 2004 -- OceanClocks, the popular nautical clock fromAustralia, is now available in the United States.

These unique tideclocks are"localized" to a specific coastal region, displaying the High Tidetimes, and Tidal Time differences between the major ports and waterwaysof that region. Models available for every East Coast U. S. State, aswell as the ONLY tide clock for a specific West Coast U. S. port - the"Tides of Puget Sound" model.

The portholecases are craftedfrom nearly 4 pounds of solid brass, and are offered in two facestyles: "Standard" (white dial, with flags) and "Nautique" (Nauticalchart background dial, with flags). Also offered in chrome case.Matching barometers are available for every model.

Equally unique isthe fullpersonalization service, which may include company logos, sailing clubburgees, even customer homeport - making the ideal presentation piecefor any occasion.

For moreinformation, pleasecontact Windward Instruments, Exclusive U. S. Distributor:1-800-210-0492, or online at
.Dealership Inquiries are welcome.
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